Second Edition: The Owl Boarding School Guide has Grown! Highlighting the Small Boarding School Association

We’re so pleased to add and highlight a special group of nurturing, supportive schools known as The Small Boarding School Association! In our school planning world, the SBSA schools are roughly equivalent to the Colleges That Change Lives consortium in our college planning practice: hidden gems with hands-on Heads of School, project-based learning, and individualized learning support. Most importantly, given the disruption adolescents have experienced due to COVID, SBSA schools cultivate community and provide caring dormparents thanks to their intentionally isolated campuses and small enrollment – generally under 200 students. That said, we invite you to explore the diversity of their curricular and extracurricular specialties.

Greenwood School 

Hampshire Country Day School 

Blue Ridge School

Chatham Hall School

Kents Hill School

Westover School

Southwestern Academy

Stoneleigh-Burnham School 

Brandon Hall School

Rectory School

Midland School

Vermont Academy

Academy of the New Church

Southern Preparatory Academy

Stuart Hall School 

Middlebridge School

White Mountain School 

Chapel Hill Chauncey Hall

Forman School

Grand River Academy

Albert College 

Hershey Montessori

Canadian College Italy

St. Thomas More School 

Solebury School

Riverview School 

Hyde School

Wolfeboro Camp School

Standstead College

St. Margaret’s School 

Landmark School

Winchendon School

The Woodhall School

Fay School 

Buxton School

Cheshire Academy 

Dublin School

Hillside School

North Country School

South Kent School 

Southwestern Academy

St. Margaret’s School

Marvelwood School

Putney School 

Webb School

Trinity Pawling

Albert College 

Academy of the New Church

Hampshire Country Day School