About Us

In an industry of sole practitioners and highly autonomous independent consultants, Don and Sarah McMillan set out to create a distinctive model of delivering educational consultancy services. As a group of highly seasoned educators, our team thrives on collaboration and professional development. These two cornerstones of best practices in education harness the power of our collective wisdom and expertise in the service of you and your family. In an age when everything you need to know about education can be found online, we use the power of human relationships, regular contact, and ongoing dialogue to help you discover and realize your unique educational goals for your child.

McMillan Education has a rich history, leading the educational consulting industry for over sixty years. That legacy began with Robert Parsons’ founding of the firm in 1955, specializing in independent school planning.

Don and Sarah have deliberately recruited educational counselors who share their educational philosophy, are at the top of the field, and have been their most trusted and highly esteemed colleagues at some point during their long educational careers.

The McMillan Education team is made up of carefully selected, seasoned educational professionals. We are a team of experts who know much more than best practices for admissions. We know students and the schools, colleges, and programs where they will thrive.

The team at McMillan Education finds service to our families inspiring and rewarding. We are committed to paying that reward forward to help others in our local community.

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