Our Mission

McMillan Education’s Owl Boarding Guide believes wholeheartedly in the transformative power of boarding schools. Chief amongst the reasons for this belief is the lifelong and life changing relationships that we’ve seen develop and been a part of ourselves in various boarding schools. That’s why the Owl Guide’s mission is centered around three specific relationships. 

We foster strong partnerships with the schools, united by our shared belief in the uniquely positive and powerful nature of boarding schools. Therefore, we maintain an open door policy, allowing schools to be featured without any barriers or pay-for-play tactics. This approach enhances the credibility of our guide as a trusted, up-to-date source of information with the latest data regarding signature programs, enrollment demographics, school leader contact information, and test optional status.

We also prioritize building relationships with families by ensuring the quality of the information we provide is the best in the world and offering a customizable user-friendly experience.

Our Inside the Owl Guide: Sit-Downs with Admissions and School Leaders is designed for families to be able to hear directly from the schools themselves about the most important issues in the admissions process.