How We Add Schools

Our Process

We curate concise, objective information about schools’ programs and demographics and admissions criteria. Each spring we will update the information. We intentionally avoid rankings and test scores since we have learned in placing hundreds of students at a wide range of schools over the decades that it’s all about finding the fight fit for each student, and this tailored match trumps past prestige, arbitrary rankings, and shifting SSAT scores. We accept no compensation from the schools for this guide.

Where Do We Get Our Information?

This guide grew out of information provided by the roughly 100 schools that participated in the seven Virtual Boarding School Fairs we hosted after COVID struck in the spring of 2020. We added to this core of information by referencing school materials and reaching out to each school’s admissions office to verify and edit data in order to ensure accuracy.

Why Isn’t A Specific School Listed?

This initial edition, launched in the spring of 2021, contains the roughly 100 schools that participated in our post-COVID Virtual Boarding School Fairs in the spring and summer of 2020. These fairs were limited to traditional schools with primarily-boarding student populations located in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and California. 

In later years we plan to add three different types of schools: 

  1. Those which serve students with learning differences;
  2. Those with small boarding populations relative to day school populations;
  3. Schools from other parts of the country, and in two other countries rich with boarding schools: Switzerland and Canada.

Interested In Adding Your School?

For schools looking for being featured on our site, please take a moment to submit the below inquiry form and we will follow up accordingly.